Sweater Weather--New Arrivals And How to Care For Them!

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How to care for your sweaters:

Ok, so it's not actually sweater weather, even though it's practically November...but it's coming, so best to be proactive and stock up now :)

Who doesn’t love a good sweater? I know I do! But they can be one of the trickier items in your closet to care for! We’ve all lost that perfect sweater to a mishap that could have been avoided. Here are some quick tips on how to care, store, and love your sweaters even longer!


When to wash- A good guideline is every 3-5 wears unless you sweat or spill.


How to wash- The general rule is hand wash-however, I’m not big on hand washing especially since most modern day washing machines have a great delicate cycle. But you MUST use cold water--hot water is bad for the fibers and may shrink certain fabrics! But if you’re not super confident in this method, safe is always better than sorry...or shrunken. Fill a bucket or tub with cold water and a little gentle detergent (or baby shampoo) and swirl the sweater then soak 30 minutes. Swirl again then rinse with cold water.


How to dry- Never wring, just squeeze...for those forever drying sweaters that take days, you can roll like a sleeping bag then squeeze to speed along the process.


How to keep them looking new- pilling and pulls are unavoidable. Use a sweater stone or my personal favorite, and electric sweater shaver (mine is from Walgreen’s) to keep pilling at bay. For pulls, the best tool is a crochet needle. Simply turn the sweater inside out and thread the needle through at the pull, grab the loose thread and pull back through.


How to store- folding is preferable, but we all don’t have unlimited storage. If you need to fold, here’s the best way to avoid stretching and hanger marks:


How to shrink- Simply get your sweater wet and put it in the dryer on high heat. Shrinkage varies with the dampness of the sweater. Soaking wet means lots of shrinking, but misting it will just shrink it a little. Sometimes just the cuffs need to be tighter or shrunken. To do this just dip in hot water, lay flat, and dry with a hair dryer set to high heat.


How to stretch- If the aforementioned shrinking occurred by accident (or by a loving spouse who had the right intentions), all is not lost! Some fabrics can be re stretched! Simply tug and hold for 5 seconds in several spots along the body and sleeve. If length is a problem, you can always use a pant hanger at the bottom to weigh it down until it stretches to desired length.


How to soften- If you are machine washing just add it with the detergent, but if you hand wash, after cleansing you can just refill your sink or tub with fresh water and softener and let soak a couple minutes then rinse with cold water.


How to store- Even though storing sweaters in the Spring is hard to imagine right now, it’s good to know they are best stored clean, in breathable bags or boxes made of cotton or canvas, with a cedar ball or satchel to keep bugs at bay.


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