Save Hours Each Week With This Fashion Tip!

The other day while I was doing a closet consultation, a client said something that hit home with me...and I really wanted to share it with you too!

Have you ever heard of the paradox of choice--people are misled in thinking they should want infinite choices, but it's actually possible to get worn out from making so many tiny choices throughout the day. It creates decision fatigue and can cause you to waste time and energy.

Back to what my client said... “sometimes I make a rule that I only wear dresses that week.” And it was a major aha! She had created a rule that limited her choices of what to wear and as a by-product saved herself several minutes every day by cutting her possible choices in two. Instead of it being a boring I only wear black, navy or camel all the time rule, it was a creative rule that allowed for fun and inspiration!

How does this apply to YOUR morning and wardrobe? By creating your own "rules" you can save time, energy, and breathe new life into your outfits each day! It’s also the perfect way to incorporate the things you have a tendency to forget about.  For example, if you have a hundred scarves but never wear them, wearing a different scarf every day is the perfect rule for you! Here are some ideas to get you started creating your own rules:


(hint, hint-- print or screenshot so you can refer to it again and again!)


It may seem a little silly, but as soon as you make a rule like this, you just cut your decision making in half--if not more! And if you are anything like me, it will save you several minutes every day staring at a closet full of choices trying to decide what to wear.

Have a wonderful day!


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