How to Shop the NWA Boutique Show!

First, stop by our booth, sign up to win a $100 gift card, and buy anything your heart desires. All done! :)


Just kidding! After years of being included in this crazy, awesome shopping event I have some tips you will want to take advantage of:


Be a VIP. I’ve seen the swag bags of years past, and you’ll easily get your money's worth before you even step in the door. You get the first look and choice of everything, as well as live jazz by "Rachel B Table for 3" and complimentary coffee and sweets. Treat yourself to this, you deserve it! Grab your ticket here:

Take advantage of the “bag valet” who will hold your packages at the front! You’re able to shop freely without worrying about losing your purchases--I cannot tell you how many times people come back looking for something they left by accident.

If you absolutely adore an item, buy it then! I am a big fan of taking a first pass to see what’s available then returning to take a more indepth look of the booths I really liked. However, if you see something you’ll be sad you didn’t get later, but it ASAP. There are thousands of shoppers so something can easily sell out in an hour.

Hate the crowds? Shop Saturday from 3:00-6:00. Some things might be sold out, but it is by far the best time to avoid lines, crowds, and chaos.

Make an outfit! You will not find a more perfect place to put together an interesting outfit! With so many fun boutiques in one place you can create some great looks for the Holidays with ease!


Some more practical tips:

Bring cash just in case! We do take cards, but our system did go down for an hour last year and some vendors do only accept cash.

Use Don Tyson to avoid traffic! Even better, meet up with friends at Hobby Lobby/Fun City parking area and ride over together!

If you have littles, NWA Motherloade is kind enough to have a nursing & changing station in their booth this year! They'll have a private area with privacy curtain, a chair, changing table, water bottles, and more for moms in need of this kind of thing! They will be near the center of the back wall during the show. 

If you like to be unbelievably organized and prepared (think Monica from Friends) you could print off the map and mark the vendors that you definitely wanted to visit (we went ahead and marked our booth for you ;) but you can find the other merchants here!).

 Click here to download map!

For more info, visit their website:

We look forward to seeing you there!


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