Clean Your Closet For A Cause 2016

With the promise of Fall weather ahead, I've been pulling out my sweaters and changing out my closet...and I've noticed I have some updating to do! As I was going through unwanted pieces, I realized you may be doing the exact same thing--so I wanted to make it as easy (and fun) as possible to clean your closet for Fall!

And I have a great suggestion as to what you can do with the unwanted pieces from your closet cleanse! Bring your no longer needed pieces to Wit & Whimsy where we will happily clean and donate them to "Peace at Home."

We will be accepting donations now through the end of next week, but we wanted to give you a little extra incentive! As a thank you, save 15% of every purchase when you bring in a donation!

Still haven't cleaned your closet? After years of practice pairing down, these are the steps I take:

  • Take everything out (messy, but effective).
  • Put back the easy pieces- things you love, still fit, and wore in the last month.
  • Try everything else on (this is the worst part, but if you get through it you are practically done).
  • When you try something on ask yourself "Do I love it? Is it flattering? Is it the image I want to project?" If it's a "yes" to all three, then it's a keeper. (but to be honest--if it fits two of the three, I usually hang on to it until the next season's closet cleaning)
  • Keep calm and keep going--sometimes it hard when you are purging a lot and it's easy to think, "what am I going to do without all my clothes?" Remind yourself, you are who you are, not what you own. Plus, to be honest, when you have too many clothes, you are probably only wearing 20% of the things you own right now anyway.
  • If it's a keeper, hang it back in the closet by color with the exception of leggings, belts, and scarves (mine are all on hangers). Organize by color--it makes it a lot easier for to mix and match pieces you wouldn't normally have put together. Or if you usually organize by color, switch it up and organize by category.

Bonus: If you know where the cast offs are going ahead of time, it makes it a lot easier. Knowing your clothes are going to a good charity, or even a good friend is something you can feel good about.

Last year, Peace at Home women's shelter:

    • Assisted 760 brave women, men, and children escape violence in their lives.
    • Provided survivors 8,041 safe nights of emergency shelter.
    • Answered 800 crisis calls to individuals in need.
    • Provided 6,238 hours of individual advocacy helping survivors find meaningful employment, affordable housing, and emotional support.

    Their work is making a difference in the lives of Northwest Arkansas every day. 88% of the women who stayed in Shelter with Peace at Home last year chose NOT to return to their abuser. They are instead choosing to change their lives and their children's lives for good.

    Bonus: As if helping those in need wasn't enough, Wit & Whimsy will also give you 15% off your purchase when you bring in a donation!

    For more closet cleaning tips, check out 10 Simple Steps to Clean Your Closet and How to Have a Love Affair with Your Closet.

    If you don't have time to clean your closet, you can also bring in one of these highly needed items:


  • Full size bottles of shampoo and conditioner
  • Bedding (Twin sets, full sets)
  • Pots/pans
  • Dish sets
  • Silverware
  • Cleaning supplies for women’s new homes and for the shelter- eg. dish soap, bleach, antibacterial wipes, laundry detergent, etc….
  • Cooking utensils (spatulas, wooden spoons, etc.)
  • Diapers (all sizes)
  • Pull Ups (4t-6t)
  • Gift Cards- Wal-Mart/Target- good for gas, prescriptions, and other expenses Peace at Home can’t cover! Small increments better eg. $10, $15, $20.
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Non-perishable Food items


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