A Retro Trend You'll Love NOW!

Something I’ve been loving lately and intend to continue to embrace post quarantine is the house dress! While staying in PJ’s all day sounds amazing, after a while you begin to feel frumpy. I would highly recommend ditching the comfortable sweats or yoga pants in favor of this comfy, yet undeniably chicer alternative. 

If you aren’t familiar with the term, it started in Italy in the 1900’s and became more common post war. While you may immediately think of a 1950’s housewife, the point of the garment was a comfortable, easy to wear dress designed for chores or quick errands. And during hot summer days, it really is a cooler option than shorts or pants. 

I have loved feeling pulled together daily in a cute dress, while having the versatility of being able to relax comfortably on the couch or head out the door in style on a moment's notice! Plus, actually getting dressed in the morning will help you feel better, in turn making you more productive and positive. Honestly, it really is a form of self care. 

On top of being comfortable and stylish enough to be spotted in--even if you won’t-- it is a one and done look. Plus a house dress is a rally cry, it says “Yes, I can teach my fifth grader math and work from home and wash and fold three loads of laundry!” 

So give a house dress a try and up your style game and motivation! The goal is really to find something that fits your current style and lifestyle...from mumus to midis. Really anything you can move around freely in but still masquerades as real clothes! Here are a few styles that are both comfy and chic and can easily take you from at home wear to out of the house with a cute pair of shoes and some mascara:


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