Show Mom Some Love!

Mom's are pretty amazing, so keep reading, there's a surprise tucked in this email to treat yourself or share with the mom's you love!



So I kind of won the lottery when it comes to moms...I have the kind of mom that responds to "I want to be a princess when I grow up" with "Well then, we better start looking for you a prince!" She's always been behind me no matter what I wanted to be when I grew up, even when it's been a little out of the ordinary.



She never really got mad when we broke stuff-she never even got mad when I backed into her car...four times...all in our driveway...



I will never forget her saying "be nice" every single time I left the house, to the point my friends would say "your mom knows you're not mean, right?"



And I was lucky enough to inherit her eyes and her love of reading.



So yeah, moms are pretty cool. Every mom is great in her own way, so get her something as unique as she is this year.









And to help with that, included is a gift certificate valid through May 11th.



Or, if you're a mom, now is the perfect time to treat yourself for all that hard work!




Have a Happy Mother's Day!

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