50% of Profits Donated to Moore Tornado Relief Project

Now through Saturday, 50% of profits from every sale both in store and via Facebook will be donated to Convoy of Hope to assist in the Moore Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund.

Convoy of Hope (www.convoyofhope.org)  is a local organization out of Springfield, Missouri that a team and I worked with just two years ago when the city of Joplin needed help. They deliver and provide immediate needs of water, food, blankets, and other necessities.  I chose Convoy of Hope because, having supported their work in the past, I know donations go directly to those in need.  They had trucks that went out yesterday.

I have been lucky enough to never experience such tragedy first hand, but the tornado which struck Jonesboro, AR in 1973 directly impacted my family. My grandmother and her two children (now my mom and uncle) lost their home in the middle of the night. The only pieces left were the bathtub they took shelter in and the hallway wall. I know how much they appreciated the help and support they received, and they treasure it to this day.

And for now, this is the best way I know for us to help those in need.

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