"A Woman Without Earrings Is Like An Unlit Chandelier"

Every time I go to market I meet up with one of the former buyers for Neiman Marcus. He always has some great tips and some great lines to share, but he also says things that always stick in my head like "a woman without earrings is  like an unlit chandelier." But it is true, when you wear earrings they light up your face!

As much as I adore earrings and what they can do for your look, but there's a story behind why I don't practice what I preach. When I was 16, I was ready to get my ears pierced. My mom took me to the mall, and we went in some girls store, I think it was Limited Too. The young woman marked my ears, ask if I thought they were even, and told me to hold my breath.

Unfortunately, by the time she was on the second ear, I was passing out, because she never said I could let it out! I was definitely old enough to know that if you need to breathe you should, but I was just following directions! This left me with one perfectly pierced ear, one incredibly crooked one, and a very embarrassing story to tell.

At 19, I finally got up the nerve to get them re-done, and luckily I had smart friends with me that told them I needed both ears pierced at the same time--and I did not faint. Unfortunately, every time I start to put in a pair of earrings, I still have an overwhelming fear of passing out again, and I begin to sweat and my stomach starts turning. BUT, if I wasn't terrified, this is what I would be wearing:



 How fun are these? I've seen a lot of earrings, but for only $22, this pair is fun and original.


Studs are really in this season, these are available in silver or gold for $14.

If you're a fan of art deco, these are for you! Grab these for $28, and be on trend this season.


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