White After Labor Day---the New Rules!

Do you ever pull something white out of your closet after Labor Day and wonder if it's still appropriate? Enough with that taboo! White is fresh and unexpected for Fall! Especially creamy tones that are flattering to most skin types. But there are some things to consider to avoid a fashion faux pa.


Consider the fabric-Wool, silk, and thick knits look chic, but linen and lightweight cotton are more appropriate for summer. A crisp white jacket, sweater, or collared shirt stands out against head to toe black.


Add rich shades-A darker color palette like burgundy and hunter green (two of Fall's hottest colors) ground the look, while pairing white with brights is too summery.


Play with texture- If you are wearing head to toe white, mixing materials like wool, lace, or silk creates definition. It will create a notice me look that looks great offset by taupe accessories.


Footwear: Practical it's not, but ivory suede heels and creamy leather boots look new for the upcoming season.


Care-Keep your whites looking great by never wearing it more than twice without washing. Once stains set in white, they have a tendency to be harder to remove.

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