How-To Make the Most Of Your Carry-on!

It seems like summer is a season of travel and while the destination may be enjoyable, the stress that comes with it is not! So in order to save yourself the hassle (and crazy fees) of checking luggage, here are some pointers on how to make the best of your mini bag!

1. Pick a palette: this was the best tip I ever heard--turned aha moment! Instead of packing black and brown shades, pick just one. This saves the need to pack multiple shoes and layering pieces.

2. Wear your bulkiest layers on the plane: they won't take up the much needed room in your bag and are perfect for when the cabin gets chilly.

3. A double-duty clutch: jewelry travel case by day, elegant evening bag by night.

4. Roll jeans, pjs, and tees: this gives you more space, and fewer creases in clothing.

5. On the return trip wrap souvenirs in tees or socks: this keeps them safe and stable.

Another tip shared by a friend-If you are in the process of packing but you still need the perfect accessories or shoes or anything else is missing, take a picture of what you do have on your camera phone. That way when your out shopping, you know exactly what you need!

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