Pick the Perfect Frames for Your Face!

The best thing about sunglasses? The aura of mystery!  Not sure where to start when choosing the right pair? Here are some tips on what is most likely to compliment the shape of your face:

If your face is...

  • Oval: Lucky you-any style will look great! Since your face is balanced, an array of frame shapes will work!
  • Round: Pick styles that are angular or geometric. This type of frame will show off and highlight your cheekbones.
  • Square: Choose round or oval shapes. They will soften your jawline and draw the eye upward.
  • Heart: Look for softer rectangular or oval shapes. They attract attention away from the forehead and bring balance.
  • Long: Oversize frames work best for you. Large frames break up the face and add width.

Trends this season in shades include:

Coffee colors-very versatile and sophisticated.

Cat Eye-adds some glam, but also looks good on just about everyone!

Grey-this minimalist color is an instant classic.

Pastel-a big trend this season can transition into your eye-wear too, and has a girly, feminine flair.

3 Pair that are always in style:

Wayfarers-Made big by Rayban, these will forever be a wardrobe staple in classic colors like tortoise and black.

Oversize-Want to make a bold fashion statement? This works with any wardrobe!

Aviators-Like the perfect jeans, the perfect pair in silver or gold always look good dressed up or down.

**Most importantly, make sure they provide UV protection like the sunglasses pictured, after all, they are made to protect your eyes from the sun.

Whatever you choose, have fun with it! You only wear them outside, so you have a lot of leeway to play!

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