How to Avoid a Style Rut!

Do you have a tendency to reach for those same outfits over and over again? It’s great to have a few go-to looks for when you are in a rush...but what do you do when it happens week after week?


Don’t worry, it’s not your fault! Our brains are wired to make things as easy and repeatable as possible to save brainpower. Which is great when it comes to driving or brushing your teeth--but not so much when it comes to your style!


Here is the easiest, fastest way to upgrade your style and clean out your wardrobe at the same time--and it costs less than a dollar!

You simply tie a ribbon on the right side of the closet rod, then as you wear things you put it on the other side of the ribbon. You can do the same thing with your dresser and magazines, just place the magazine underneath your folded apparel and as you wear them, place them below the magazine.


The caveat--you can ONLY wear things on the left side of the ribbon, or above the magazine.


At first it’s pretty easy--but after a few days your brain is forced to come up with new combinations, giving you some new looks as well.

It’s also a great way for you to notice why you aren’t wearing something-- is it because you don’t have the right bra? Or you don’t own the right shoes? Does it need to be altered? Or does it just need to go? We’ve made a great printable for you to  hang inside your closet as you go through this process!


(Right click then view image--once it opens click ctrl + print!)

Have a wonderful day!   


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