What to Wear When You're In A Rush!

After the slower summer months, I know late August & early September tend to be busier months for most of us! So I thought it might be the perfect time to share some of my favorite tips on what to wear when you're in a rush to get ready:

1. Structured pieces--think squared shoulders, blazers, etc. Even a basic tee is instantly upgraded by a chic blazer paired with heels!

2. White- it's clean, crisp, fresh and easily brightens up any look.

3. Button ups--because who looks unkept in a button up? (Side note: What's the difference between a button up and button down? The term button up refers to to a broad range of styles that button in the front but a button down refers to the specific collar of a shirt that actually buttons down! Just in case you've been wondering...) 

4. Athlesuire- This trend will continue into the Fall and shows no signs of slowing down-not that I'm complaining! Who knew comfy could be so cute too!

5. Dresses-The easiest thing to throw on and look chic--just add a few accessories and you're ready to go! Bonus, no worries about matching your top and bottoms!

6. Layered Dressing-Adding an extra layer --vest, jacket, or even a button up worn as a jacket-- instantly up-levels your look.

7. Re-wear something tried and true. We all have an outfit we get lots of compliments on--throw it on and go!

Have a wonderful day!

Wit & Whimsy

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