Come Celebrate This Made Up Holiday With Us Today!

I'm starting to realize that Gal-entine's Day may not be a real thing...

After a few text from friends asking about the typo, a phone call from my mom, and a text from my sister saying "did you know your instagram post says galentine's?" I am beginning to think Gal-entine's may not be as well known as I assumed... and then I started to think I may have just made it up...or I'm the only person that watches this show...

But I'm embracing my fake holiday and I wanted to invite you celebrate with me!
Grab some pink sparkling lemonade, cookies from Rick's Bakery, enjoy some last minute decorating and join me for Galentine's Day because it's wonderful and it should be a national holiday!

Have a wonderful Gal-entine's Day!

Wit & Whimsy

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