How to Give a Great Gift!

Gift giving can be hard…intimidating even. We all want to give that special gift that will excite the recipient…but it can be hard to find that perfect something for the girl who has everything, the woman who never seems to really like our pick, or those people we don’t get to spend much time with.
And we live in the best era experienced (at least when it comes to gift giving) where peaking into someone’s life is at your fingertips…literally.
The first step would actually be to ask directly what they would love to have. But if they say they don’t need anything…a little internet stalking is needed (best left to gift searching and not exes).
1. Pinterest—I would start here because it’s a fast, incredible tool that can help you pick a present for anyone who has an account. Look for something entitled, “Products I love,” “Wishlist,” “Yes, Please,” you get the picture. Look for a theme- for example one of my friends style boards is filled with pieces that sparkle, lace, and over the top fur. Another friend's board is filled with cozy cardigans, easy fitting tees, and athletic apparel. So when you’re out shopping, you can work within the themes you found.
You could also pick an item directly from their boards and buy it. If you go this route, pick something from the top of the page where freshly pinned items are so you’ll know they are still interested. And pay attention to the description—you don’t want to ignore, “I love this coat but I wish it came in blue.”
**Help a friend…start hinting at things you love here!
2. Blogging-It’s easy when the people you’re shopping for are lifestyle/beauty/fashion bloggers you can simply pick something they recently posted about. You’ll also be surprised to discover how many teachers/ professors/journalists/ writers/ moms/ florists/ decorators /architects/ crafters/ cooks/ travelers /fashion addicts have a lesser known blog. Look into it, you might be surprised at what you find.
3. Pay Attention- This is the most difficult but also the most meaningful. Being fully engaged in interactions. you will hear something worth remembering. Something they admitted liking but would never buy for themselves. Maybe it’s a new mom who told you she hadn’t had a chance to get a haircut in a year. You could get her an appointment and offer to watch her child.  
4. How do you want to make them feel? Pampered, surprised, to recall a special memory? Sometimes just knowing the answer to that question can help you recall an inside joke or something they mentioned six months ago they will be surprised you remembered.

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Happy gifting!

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