Wit & Whimsy + Hello Luvvy Giveaway!

If you love blogs written by real women, you're missing out if you aren't heading over to www.helloluvvy.com!

Hello Luvvy is a community of women who strive to be brave, positive and bold individuals. They aim to challenge society's idea of beauty and perfection, while still having fun with their individual style and enjoying their femininity. They don't take their selves too seriously, and always embrace the differences in one another. Which is why I was thrilled I got to team up with them for a fall photo shoot featured on their blog--and as a bonus: a chance to win $100 gift certificate for you, and one for a friend! Check out the article here to see how you can enter: www.helloluvvy.com!

Have a wonderful day!

Wit & Whimsy

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