Fall Trend & How to Wear It!

Overalls are popping up everywhere, and one of the biggest challenges is finding ways to wear them that still looks grown up! While wearing a denim onesie sounds easy (everything matches with denim!) figuring out the right shirt and accessories can be complicated.

Here are a few tips to help you look great in your favorite childhood trend:
  1. Stripes are almost guaranteed to look great!
  2. Fit is important. If you have a longer or shorter torso, find a pair with adjustable straps.
  3. Choose grown-up accessories. Avoid bows, backpacks, and pigtails. Choose sleek jewelry, structured handbags, and a chic hairstyle to finish your look.
Here are a few ideas to inspire you:
Try a sweater with heels for a dressier look!

Plaid can be trickier, because you don't want to look like just got off a tractor. But, when you wear it as a jacket or wrapped around your waist in an unexpected fabric (no flannel) it works.

Stripes and a scarf are a great go-to!

Mix it up with a cardigan and booties!

Not quite in love with the trend, but still want to try it? These overalls have a button off top, so you can always just wear the skinnies alone!

Check out  some more of the newest arrivals on Pinterest!

Have a wonderful day!

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