12 Places to Wear Those Stand Out Pieces!

As a big believer in quality over quantity, I want to get the most wear out of the pieces I invest in and I'm sure you do too. While I have a lot of basics, I also love those head turning pieces. You know, the one's that catch your eye immediately! We've recently received some gorgeous dresses (you might have seen them in previous emails) but the number one comment I hear is that you don't know how to work it into your current wardrobe more than one or two times. So here are some suggestions:

Wear it:
1. To a Wedding
2. Girl's Night
3. Birthday Dinner
4. Bridal and Baby Showers
5. Charity Event
6. Business Meeting or Interview (with a blazer)
7. To a Ballgame (with a jacket and flats)
8. Lunch With a Friend
9. A BBQ (with a denim jacket and sandals)
10. School Event
11.Church (with a cardigan)
12. Where Ever You Want!

Why quality beats quantity...

For example, I have the floral blazer that came in recently--but since I bought it-- I've worn it to dinner with two different groups of girls, Easter, running errands, date night, shopping, to market, a meeting, and I'll probably wear it again this week and to a shower next weekend! That's quite a bit more than I'll usually wear it, so even if I only wear it once a month for the next year the cost per wear is only $4.45.

Cost (Blazer $98) divided by times worn this year (22)=cost per wear ($4.45).
Or, that $58 top= $2.63
Or that $118 gorgeous handbag comes out even less if you carry it for two seasons or only $0.32 if you carry the whole year.

It might sound like a lot until you compare it to a $30 blazer from forever 21 that you can only wear twice before it falls apart or changes shape which equals $15 per wear. Making it one of the most expensive pieces you'll own. I'm not against forever 21, sometimes it's the perfect place to grab something for a one time event. But it's just an example of how even though something seems a lot cheaper, it can actually end up costing 3x as much in the long run.

That's also why we offer a 60 day guarantee on all pieces. Our prices are a little higher than other local boutiques, (tops average $13 more via a little online research) but we expect them to last longer too.


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