How To Pack for a 3 Day Weekend!

Don’t you just love a three day weekend? The extra day seems lavish almost turning it into a mini vacation. If you’re traveling this weekend, here are my top tips for packing everything you need in just one bag.

Choose one colorway: Brown or black. Silver or gold. This limits extra layering tanks, multiple shoes, and unneeded jewelry.

Keep it simple: Instead of a complete outfit for each day (i.e. three different jeans, three different pairs of shoes, three necklaces, etc), you really only need one pair of denim or shorts, two tops, one dress, one pair of sandals and one pair of heels wedges.

What should stand out? Your outfit or your accessories-you probably only have room to pick one, so you can either choose neutral apparel with funky jewelry, scarves, and hats or choose bold clothing pieces and just take simple jewelry that goes with every outfit.

Watch the weather: Do you need shorts for warm weather, or a jacket for cool nights? Nothing is worse than looking super cute but shivering or sweating all weekend because you didn’t check the forecast.

Check Your Itinerary- Are you hitting the beach? The slopes? Dinner at a nice restaurant? Do you have a meeting? Pack accordingly.  

Be realistic: Do you really need that cocktail dress just in case you run into Ryan Gosling? Or that second swimsuit if you’re only gone three days? Probably not, and saying no is the real trick to keep from weighing down your car or your carry on.

Stop by the store next time you’re driving by...we have lots of fun new arrivals if you are wanting something new for the holiday weekend!

Enjoy your extra long weekend!  And please feel free to forward to a friend if you think they would find this valuable too!


Trista Morrison

Wit & Whimsy

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