10 Simple Steps to Clean Your Closet! (Printable Checklist Too!)

A new season and fresh starts just seem to go together! While it can be a little dreadful, you’ll feel oh-so accomplished once you are done! Plus, I’m sharing a few tips (and a checklist) to make it as painless as possible.


  1. Set the mood: I’m not kidding! Open some windows, put on some music, dress super comfy and grab a cup of coffee. Consider it an alternative workout.
  2. Take it ALL out: Everything... seriously all of it. This is deep cleaning and it’s worth the extra effort. I usually pile it all on my bed, but a floor, chair, or couch works too!
  3. Clean your actual closet: take a minute or two to vacuum or sweep and wipe down the walls and shelves. Now you’ll have somewhere squeaky clean to return your wardrobe.
  4. Embrace the pile method: Create yes, no, and maybe piles. After you’ve gone through everything once, hit the maybes again and try them on this time to help clarify. Still can’t decide? Wait until the very end and go through the maybes one last time.
  5. Ask the right questions: “Does this serve me?” Some other questions to help you decide:

  • Do I love it?
  • Is it flattering?
  • Is this the image I want to project?
  • Do I feel confident when I wear it?
  • If I didn’t already own this, how much would I pay to purchase it?


  1. Get organized: After you have sorted everything into three piles, take the time to put everything back in an organized manner so everything you just did isn’t completely wasted. Fold clothes and put things back logically-either by type, color, or occasion, or how often you wear it. I usually prefer to switch from one to another every time I clean so it makes it easier to mix up my outfit choices as well.  
  2. You can revisit steps 2 through 6 to clean out your dresser too!
  3. Say goodbye to your stuff: Donate, give to friends and family, or resell right away so you aren’t tempted to put it all back in your closet.
  4. Accessorize your closet: Splurge on matching hangers (my faves are the velvet because they are thin & non slip!). Now is also the perfect time to see if you need scarf hangers, shoe racks, etc.
  5. Treat yourself: Don’t skip this important step! Netflix binge, buy a makeup palette, or schedule a massage. It’s so much easier when you have something to look forward to once you are done!

Bonus tip: Don’t freak out! (Cue that "what am I going to do without my stuff?" feeling.) Remind yourself that you are who you are, not what you own. Get through the panic and you'll experience calm and relief. Try to keep in mind that it’s for a good reason. Either the piece didn’t quite fit, wasn’t flattering, didn’t fit your personality, or didn’t make you feel confident.


Feeling overwhelmed? Grab our free closet cleaning checklist here:


(click the image above to your checklist)

Have a wonderful day!


Wit & Whimsy

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