Are You Making These Mistakes in Your Morning Beauty Routine?

There actually is a wrong way to get ready--who knew?? Here's a quick summary of some common everyday beauty mistakes:

Wearing bobby pins- the wavvy side should be against your head, it's designed to grip hair and keep it in place.

Shaving-save it for the end of your shower to give skin time to soften up under the steam for a closer shave that lasts longer.

Applying concealer-apply under-eye concealer in a triangle--from the inner corner of your eye, to the outer crease of your nose, to the outer corner of your eye.

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Hair then Makeup-I always want to let my hair air dry some while I apply my make-up in the morning, but it never fails to end up in a sweaty mess with runny mascara. So I've learned to put on my moisturizer so it has plenty of time to soak in, dry and style my hair (also allows extra setting time if you curl), followed by makeup.

Prepping your Polish-Roll between your palms-never shake. It causes bubbles that end up in your mani.

Putting on Perfume-Rubbing distorts the intended scent of perfume. Better to let air-dry.

Applying Blush & Bronzer- Duck face for bronzer, the brush below cheekbones then smile for blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks.

I hope you find at least one of these tips helpful! I know the first time I realized I had been putting my bobby pins in upside down, it changed my life :)

Have a wonderful day!   


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